Currently, a majority of states in the United States exempt religious schools or bible colleges from their higher education licensing, certification, or accreditation processes. In the U.S., accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. As a religious degree-granting institution, we are not required by the U.S. Department of Education to have regional accreditation.

Buddha Dharma University is a non-accredited institution, similar to many seminaries.

Due to the tremendous costs involved with accreditation, we have decided that keeping the tuition affordable and being able to offer scholarships is more important that having to raise tuition to the students by 1250% just to cover the cost of accreditation.

​Transfer of Credits

Decisions concerning the acceptance of credits from Buddha Dharma University by any institution are made at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. Buddha Dharma University makes no representation whatsoever concerning the transferability of any credits to any other institution.

Buddha Dharma University strives to maintain the highest educational standards, incorporating the latest methods of instructional technology, and regular residencies (retreats).

In addition, most of our courses are taught by professors with advanced degrees, or extensive life experience in their fields. The quality of our students’ education is of utmost importance to us.​