Certificate of Buddhist Ministry

Note: This Degree does not, nor is it intended to mean that the holder is qualified to apply for the job of a Religious Chaplain. 

Certificate of Buddhist Ministry

32 classes required (21 specified core courses, 11 elective courses)

The Certificate of Buddhist Ministry is open to anyone, usually with a wish to go beyond the basics to be able to be of service ministering to other people. It goes beyond the Certificate of Buddhist Studies by requiring additional classes in more classic Buddhist sutras (e.g., Foundational Pali Suttas, Diamond Sutra, Perfect Enlightenment Sutra, Bodhidharma’s lectures) as well as additional courses examining Buddhist ethics. This is a strong certificate for people who desire to support their local sanghas, or simply want to deepen their personal practices.

Buddha Dharma University focuses on continually forging opportunities to experience a contemporary, in-depth and non-sectarian study of Buddhism, whilst also promoting the knowledge and understanding of the various traditions, schools and cultures of Buddhism. Programs are taught and mentored by scholars and masters from a variety of traditions, thus taking advantage of America’s unique diversity of Buddhist practice and presentation. Buddha Dharma University provides the opportunity to experience a profound, meaningful and rewarding path to Buddhist scholarship and awakening to your original nature.

This Certificate of Buddhist Ministry does not include a final thesis.  That is reserved for the Masters in Divinity.